The technology and infrastructure powering forward-thinking funds

Sargon provides financial institutions and entrepreneurs with the technology and infrastructure they need to successfully build and grow investment funds.

Operating across Australia and New Zealand, Sargon's powerful combination of modern technology, financial licences and industry experts navigate regulatory complexity, security and compliance so our clients can focus on what matters most: building a better future.

We're not burdened by old systems, or a culture that has failed customers. We're first and foremost a trustee, purpose-built to serve investors' best interests.

Our next-generation trustee cloud infrastructure provides a radically better experience for our clients, delivering transparency, control and more scalable and reliable operations. We reduce cost and complexity, and help to improve investor literacy and outcomes.

Sargon is powering the next generation of funds and financial products


We power better funds and financial products

Sargon powers a broad range of funds and financial products. We’ve built the technology and trustee cloud infrastructure to manage compliance and streamline operations, in a dynamic and highly regulated environment.

With over $55 billion billion in assets under trusteeship and supervision, our powerful combination of modern technology, financial licences and industry experts enables our clients to focus on their customers and growth.

Our mission is to enable financial institutions and entrepreneurs to build better funds and financial products

Build better. On Sargon.

Sargon is committed to creating infrastructure that provides financial and software builders with an open platform to deliver modern customer experiences and enhanced workflows.

Sargon combines the power of extensible technology infrastructure, tools and APIs with industry experts to provide you with the data and tools to manage growth, day-to-day operations and compliance, in one place. With Sargon, you can prototype your fund experience in minutes. By reducing complexity, Sargon empowers even the smallest teams to have a big impact.

Powering institutions and entrepreneurs to build better.