We enable our clients to grow and innovate,drive financial literacy and engagement,and ultimately increase the capital allocationto nation-building projects.Our mission is to enablefinancial institutionsand entrepreneurs to buildbetter funds andfinancial productsOur mission is to enablefinancial institutions andentrepreneurs to buildbetter funds andfinancial products

Our Story

Creating infrastructure to power the world’s next generation of funds and financial products.

In 2013 we launched Good Super, an Australian retail retirement (superannuation) fund. We encountered a broader industry burdened by unnecessary complexity, structural conflicts, bureaucracy and legacy infrastructure. And we found we weren’t the only ones held back by these constraints.

Other fund managers and financial product providers told us they were also feeling the weight of increasing compliance and administrative obligations, and the tension between remaining compliant while also focused on growth.

Sargon creates solutions that provide a dynamic response to the regulatory complexity and cumbersome systems that hindered growth and burdened much of the retirement and investment industry in Australia, and beyond. Today, our clients trust our team of deeply experienced experts with over $55 billion in funds, across our corporate trust, responsible entity, and retirement and superannuation trustee services.

Our difference sits at the intersection of our licensing, technology and experts. We believe this powerful combination can facilitate operational and compliance tasks more efficiently and effectively, at scale, while also improving the experience and financial outcomes for our clients, and their members and investors.

Today, Sargon operates across Australia and New Zealand helping to build better financial infrastructure to simplify the launch and growth of investment funds and financial products, so our clients can focus on what matters most: building a better future.

Creating infrastructure to power the world's next generation of funds.

  • Early 2013

    Sargon founded by Phillip Kingston and Aron D'Souza

  • Late 2013

    Launched one of Australia's first all-online superannuation funds

  • 2016

    Obtained key financial licensing in Australia to power a broad range of retirement (superannuation) and managed funds

  • 2017

    Expanded operations and obtained financial licenses in Hong Kong, an emerging defined contribution savings system

  • 2018

    Expanded operations and presence to New Zealand, an emerging and growing defined contribution savings system

  • Now

    Powering over $55 billion of assets and growing across AU, NZ and HK