Your trusted partner for agency and escrow services

Sargon is an experienced provider of agency and escrow services. Our clients take comfort in the appointment of a third party to oversee, regulate and facilitate the payments associated with large or complex transactions. We provide them with security in the knowledge that funds will only be released, once obligations are met.

Through our unique trustee cloud infrastructure, we enable our clients to focus on what they do best, assured in the knowledge we’re focused on what we do best.

Agency capabilities

Sargon’s agency capabilities include: acting as facility agent on corporate debt funding; issuing and paying agent on structured finance transactions; claims agent; and process agent for offshore issuers into the Australian market that need a local address for notices.

Escrow capabilities

We also act as escrow agent for diverse transactions, holding property assets on your behalf during a transaction or following a dispute. Property assets can include: real estate; cash; shares; physical assets; intellectual property; and documents.

A broad range of transactions

Sargon provides agency and escrow services across a broad range of transactions, including: corporate financing; disputed assets and legal settlements; fund asset acquisitions and divestments; complex project financing; debt, equity and hybrid market transactions; liquidations and administrations; and multi-party transactions.