Your trusted partner for corporate trusts

Sargon is a respected and leading provider of corporate trust services. Our clients value the separation between the legal ownership and management of assets. As trustee, we are the legal owner of, or hold security over, assets and financial instruments on behalf of our clients, as well as providing administration and settlement support.

Sargon is first, and foremost, a trustee. Through our unique trustee cloud infrastructure, we enable our clients to focus on what they do best, assured in the knowledge we're focused on what we do best — trusteeship.

Expert services enhanced by modern software

Sargon has assembled a team with deep industry and technology expertise to reimagine how trusts can be serviced in a dynamic, highly regulated environment. Our trustee cloud infrastructure provides a unique and powerful combination of modern technology, financial licences and industry experts so our clients can focus on growth.

We’re powering the efficient and compliant operation of funds and transactions.


As trustee for wholesale trusts and employee share schemes, we’re responsible for contractual and administrative compliance, including:

  • The issue of units, redemption, reinvestment and capital calls
  • Hold legal title of assets
  • Lender of record on mortgage loans
  • Hold security interest over assets
  • Maintaining accounts and reconciliations
  • ATO reporting for employee share schemes
  • Appointment of service providers


  • Cash funds
  • Direct property
  • Equity funds
  • Fixed interest funds
  • Fund of funds
  • Infrastructure funds
  • Property funds
  • Mortgage funds
  • Peer-to-peer lending
  • Private Equity funds
  • Significant investors visa
  • Retirement villages
  • Agricultural funds
  • Employee share plan trusts

Structured finance and securitisation

  • Bond trustee
  • Charitable trustee
  • Lender of record
  • Ownership trustee
  • Registrar (wholesale)
  • Security trustee
  • Trustee

Note issuance (wholesale and retail)

  • Convertible notes
  • Hybrid notes
  • Secured and unsecured notes