Build and grow the next generation of KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver aims to increase the wellbeing and financial independence of New Zealanders. With $58 billion in funds under management, belonging to 2.9 million members, KiwiSaver represents a primary pillar of New Zealand’s financial system and the economy more broadly.

KiwiSaver managers must act with scheme members’ interests in mind, meeting fiduciary obligations and regulatory standards. However, managing a scheme can be complex, requiring a deep understanding of risk, compliance and government regulations.

Sargon is a licensed KiwiSaver supervisor. We help managers build and grow the next generation of KiwiSaver schemes through our unique trustee cloud infrastructure. We’re purpose-built to serve members’ best interests, so managers can focus on growth, engagement and better outcomes.

Licensed for supervision

Sargon is a FMA licensed trustee and supervisor. Under the KiwiSaver Act, supervisors of KiwiSaver schemes supervise the scheme manager’s core functions and compliance with their obligations. We understand the vital importance of ensuring high standards for KiwiSaver schemes.

Supervisory responsibilities

Supervisors are required to have adequate and appropriate supervision policies, procedures and controls to ensure they act in the scheme members’ best interests, and exercise the care, diligence and skill of a prudent person acting as a supervisor. Supervisors are crucial to the effective operation of KiwiSaver schemes.

Trustee cloud infrastructure

Our trustee cloud brings together a unique and powerful combination of modern technology and industry experts so KiwiSaver managers can focus on scheme members and growth. We provide a radically better experience for managers, delivering transparency, control and more scalable and reliable operations. We reduce cost and complexity, helping to improve member outcomes.

Expert services enhanced by modern software and robust service level monitoring

Through our trustee cloud infrastructure, we've reimagined how KiwiSaver schemes can be operated in a dynamic, highly regulated environment. We’re not burdened by old systems, or a culture that has failed customers. We're purpose-built to serve members’ best interests, so managers can focus on growth, engagement and better outcomes.

  • APIs, tools and cloud-based software, to rapidly launch, operate and grow funds.
  • A collaborative workspace providing a single, seamless interface.
  • Automation of manual and repetitive tasks.
  • Streamlining workflows and proactive notifications when action is required.
  • Digital advice to improve financial literacy, engagement and outcomes.
  • Developer platform to help build a seamless customer experience.

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