Enterprise platform for digital advice and investor engagement

Sargon Decimal is an enterprise digital advice platform transforming the way funds and advice operations deliver financial advice. It’s the only technology built exclusively for enterprises to add digital-advice to their financial products.

Configurable to the unique and complex needs of each of our clients, Decimal provides self-service, rules-based, automated financial advice for investors, generating compliant financial advice.

Decimal helps funds and financial advisers deliver scalable, consistent and conflict-free financial advice, improving financial literacy and education, driving positive investor engagement and outcomes.

Audit ready, conflict-free statements of advice

Decimal guarantees that all activity is logged and able to be accessed at any time. Its automated ‘rules based’ decision making removes any subjective bias or suggestions of conflicted advice, and allows the advice model to scale rapidly.

Tailored for your product, investors and easy integration

Sargon understands that your financial product and investor base is unique. We offer a selection of financial topics – from retirement to insurance – that are relevant to your needs. Sargon also offers various integration options so you can provide a seamless experience.

Improving financial literacy, engagement and outcomes

The investor's Statement of Advice is automatically produced in real-time by Decimal and presented visually online so they immediately receive the right advice, every time. Decimal shifts the focus in financial advice from the technical construction of advice to more meaningful investor engagement.

Enterprise platform for digital advice enabling insitutitions to build better investor engagement and scalable advice operations

Security and compliance at the core

Sargon is committed to the highest standards of information security and compliance – combining in-house expertise and policies, with best-in-class partners. We invest heavily in our infrastructure so that our clients can have peace of mind, and focus on growth and customers.

Data security is of the utmost importance for Sargon. Our infrastructure is rigorously monitored and certified. We use bank-grade encryption and work with independent security experts to ensure that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data are protected.
We manage governance, risk and compliance through the combination of modern software, industry experts and best-in-class partners. Learn more about Sargon Arcadia →.

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