Streamline your fund payment processes

Sargon Pay provides institutions and entrepreneurs building funds, trusts and financial products with a streamlined and convenient way to process payments.

It delivers a centralised, user-friendly interface through which fund operators can easily instruct, approve and monitor payments across fund bank accounts and transaction types. With a robust audit trail, bank-grade security and workflow, Sargon Pay is transforming the way fund payments are conducted.

Whether it’s investment, fee or interest payments, Sargon Pay provides institutions and entrepreneurs with the technology they need to efficiently scale their fund operations.

Streamline your fund operations so you can grow

Sargon Pay supports a variety of payments across asset classes, payment types, bank accounts and can be tailored to your processes and workflow.

Say goodbye to paper forms and emails

Traditional fund payment processes are opaque, inconvenient, and error-prone. Sargon Pay brings a modern approach to payments to help you reduce complexity, and streamline your operations.

Secure, robust and built to scale

Sargon Pay is engineered with security and scale in mind. We sweat the detail to ensure our clients’ funds are secure and fraud risks are mitigated. Our core architecture is designed to handle large volumes and types of transactions, while still offering flexibility to meet our clients' needs.

Security and compliance at the core

Sargon is committed to the highest standards of information security and compliance – combining in-house expertise and policies, with best-in-class partners. We invest heavily in our infrastructure so that our clients can have peace of mind, and focus on growth and customers.

Data security is of the utmost importance for Sargon. Our infrastructure is rigorously monitored and certified. We use bank-grade encryption and work with independent security experts to ensure that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data are protected.
We manage governance, risk and compliance through the combination of modern software, industry experts and best-in-class partners. Learn more about Sargon Arcadia →.