Next-generation monitoring for forward-thinking funds

Sargon Sentinel uses machine learning to monitor and audit references to your fund or financial product across online distribution channels.

Using a combination of AI and industry experts, Sentinel proactively monitors online channels — from websites and blogs, to news and social media websites — flagging critical content for review and correction, before a crisis hits.

Sargon helps your team manage the ever-increasing complexity of financial marketing and disclosure requirements so you can focus on your investors and growth, and your investors can be confident they’re accessing accurate information, wherever they search.

Real-time compliance auditing

Operating 24/7, Sentinel monitors websites, blogs, social media and news outlets extracting any references to your fund or product.

Machine learning combined with industry experts

Sentinel utilises intelligent classifiers to prioritise issues, and prompts investigation by Sargon’s industry experts and corrective action.

Protection for you and your investors

Monitoring and reviewing regulated fund information is a mission-critical job. You can rely on Sargon Sentinel to help you remain compliant.

Scale your marketing and operations

By using modern technology to empower teams, Sargon is helping institutions and entrepreneurs scale their operations and their fund and financial product marketing.

Combination of sophisticated machine learning and industry experts to protect you and your investors

With the powerful combination of our industry experts and Sentinel's intelligence and machine learning, Sargon enables institutions and entrepreneurs to focus on their investors and growth.

Designed for funds and financial products in the digital era

As the distribution and consumption of funds and financial products increasingly moves online, Sargon Sentinel is powering the next generation of funds and financial products.

Security and compliance at the core

Sargon is committed to the highest standards of information security and compliance – combining in-house expertise and policies, with best-in-class partners. We invest heavily in our infrastructure so that our clients can have peace of mind, and focus on growth and customers.

Data security is of the utmost importance for Sargon. Our infrastructure is rigorously monitored and certified. We use bank-grade encryption and work with independent security experts to ensure that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data are protected.
We manage governance, risk and compliance through the combination of modern software, industry experts and best-in-class partners. Learn more about Sargon Arcadia →.

Why build on Sargon?

Building on Sargon means less time worrying about compliance and undifferentiated tasks, and more time focusing on growth, product and customers. By reducing complexity, Sargon helps even small teams have a big impact.

Monitor and audit your fund disclosure and marketing across online channels

By combining modern software and industry expertise, Sargon provides the data, tools and intelligence to power the next-generation of funds and financial products.

  • Disclosure Monitoring
  • Website Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Robust Audit Trail
  • Industry Expert Review
  • Visual Comparison
  • Text Comparison
  • Intelligent Machine Learning
  • Classifiers and Topic Analysis
  • Workflow Engine
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Version History