Retirement & Super

Build and grow the next generation of retirement and superannuation funds

Powered by modern technology, Sargon offers the only independent platform with retirement savings licensing infrastructure across Australia (Superannuation), New Zealand (KiwiSaver) and Hong Kong (ORSO). Sargon's industry experts have years of financial experience in trustee solutions, governance, risk and compliance.

Sargon can enable clients in a number of structures - from full outsourcing to partnerships, and has strong experience with fund transitions. Sargon helps clients navigate regulatory complexity, reduce their risk profile and liabilities, enabling them to focus on product, customers and growth.

Transparent, responsive and your partner for growth

Sargon is focused on helping you to navigate regulatory complexity, enabling you to focus on your customers and core business. Powered by modern software, our fund and trustee services are tracked, monitored and audited. With robust service level monitoring, Sargon provides unparalled transparency and operational insights. Say good-bye to the black box of traditional service providers.

Technology enabling innovation and rapid go-to-market

Sargon is building software, APIs and tools to power the next-generation of funds and financial products. We are focused on reducing cost and complexity, and empowering teams to collaborate. We help institutions and entrepreneurs transform the operation of funds and financial products. With streamlined on-boarding and fund transition processes, you can get to market and focus on your core business, fast.

Rely on our independence and industry expertise

With best-in-class expertise in financial services and technology, we have re-imagined how retirement (superannuation) can be operated in a dynamic, highly regulated environment, so our clients can focus on what matters most – their customers and growth. Our independence and enterprise-wide governance, risk and compliance policies ensures investors' best interests are our first priority as we exercise our statutory and fiduciary duties.

Expert services enhanced by modern software and robust service level monitoring

Sargon provides our customers with unparalleled industry expertise, tools and data they require to run their financial product, including key operational and compliance tasks and metrics, providing proactive alerts when things change or require attention. Our automated processes ensure our clients are always one step ahead.

// Get started with Node.js API client
// To securely integrate, you will need to register and get API keys.
const { SargonApiClient } = require("@sargon/api-client");
const client = new SargonApiClient({
clientId: process.env.CLIENT_ID,
clientSecret: process.env.CLIENT_SECRET
// Create a member
return await client.members().createMember({
givenName : "Alberto",
familyName : "Lebsak",
taxId : "123412345",

Committed to creating a global infrastructure through software

With over $2.5 trillion of retirement savings in Australia alone, Sargon is committed to building the world's retirement savings infrastructure. We build APIs, tools and software so that you can rapidly build your fund or financial product on Sargon with only one integration. Building on Sargon means less time maintaining for legacy systems and keeping up to date with new regulation and more time to focus on core customer and product experiences.

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