A model for building retirements and nations

Sargon is an enabling partner for institutions and governments looking to develop world-leading pension systems that drive domestic investment and economic growth.

Combining best practice examples from Australia's world-leading superannuation system with purpose-built financial technology infrastructure, robust and sustainable pension systems offer the financial security needed by retiring citizens, while simultaneously acting as a vehicle for domestic investment in nation building projects, innovation and rapid economic development.

A super model

The Australian superannuation system can lay claim to being the world’s most stable, highly functioning and fastest growing pension system. By proactively introducing a universal pension system, growing countries will help prevent the economic and social impact of ageing populations and shrinking workforces, in addition to generating investment in domestic nation building projects that drive rapid economic development.

Technology driven

As financial technology is set to disrupt mature global pension funds, newly implemented schemes, unburdened by legacy systems, can leapfrog their international counterparts. Purpose-built trustee cloud infrastructure and fund management platforms are available now, meaning new systems can be built upon them from the ground up, without the challenge of transitioning from out-dated systems and manual processes.

Good governance

Pension systems should be structured to ensure accountability, rigorous oversight and minimal conflicts of interest. Independent trustees can ensure funds have strong oversight, and ensure that trustees are solely acting in the best interest of savers, without conflict with the self-interest of individual fund managers.

Securing retirement outcomes

A proven solution exists to address the challenges of supporting both ageing populations and domestic investment. Implementing a sustainable universal pension system is not just a solution, but an opportunity. The world’s defined contribution retirement savings have grown to more than $40tn, not only securing the retirements of savers, but also acting as an enormous source of capital for investment in domestic infrastructure and development.

  • Sargon is already licensed in three financial markets.
  • We're developing turnkey infrastructure built for expansion across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Our next-generation technology manages compliance and streamlines operations.
  • We're first and foremost a trustee, purpose-built to serve investors' best interests.

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By mandating workers save for a sustainable retirement, governments create a large and growing indigenous capital base that can finance long-term investments in nation building projects to drive productivity, innovation and economic growth.

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