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Powered by modern technology, Sargon is enabling the launch of new and innovative funds, and empowering institutions to build better funds and financial products.

Sargon's industry expertise and diversified portfolio of financial licenses power a broad range of funds and financial products – from superannuation funds and managed funds, to property trusts and employee share schemes.

Our Capabilities

Retail retirement (superannuation) funds

We have significant experience in providing technology and acting as a licensee for APRA-regulated retail public offer superannuation funds. Our technology infrastructure and industry experts can help meet your operational, compliance and governance needs – from attractive group insurance and custody arrangements, to administration and technology capabilities.

Small APRA Fund (SAF) for financial advisers

Our SAFs offer the flexibility of a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), without the complexity and administrative burden. By partnering with Sargon, financial advisers can provide their clients with a personalised and tailored product at a fraction of the cost leveraging our economies of scale, technology and access.

Corporate trustee capability

Sargon can meet a variety of regulatory and trustee needs including Registrable Superannuation Entity (RSE) and Responsible Entity (RE) capabilities, in a number of structures - from full outsourcing, to partnerships with existing funds and institutions. Sargon also has experience in transitions, working with funds who are still performing their fiduciary and compliance duties, often due to legacy commercial agreements. Partnering with Sargon can assist with reducing your risk profile and liabilities, allowing Board and executive members to focus on product, customers and growth.

New and emerging funds and financial products

Sargon has worked with entrepreneurs, venture-backed startups and FinTech businesses to power the kinds of funds that couldn't have existed years ago. Sargon started by founding one of Australia's first all-online retirement (superannuation) funds in 2013.  By reducing complexity and creating modern technology, Sargon can empower the smallest teams to have a big impact.

Responsible entity for investment managers

Sargon can cater for a broad range of needs for investment managers. We can be the trustee for registered and unregistered investment funds and schemes, and a broad range of asset classes from real property, equities, fixed interest, mortgages, water licences and managed funds.

APAC market entry for global managers

Sargon can assist global managers and institutions to expand their products and innovation to the Australian, New Zealand and Hong Kong markets. Sargon can assist with a broad range of capabilities from licensing and technology, to localisation and navigation of regulatory complexity. We mitigate security and compliance risks, so our clients can focus on growth, product and customers.

Employee share schemes and options

With employee ownership and alignment becoming increasingly important in today's dynamic and competitive marketplace, Sargon can cater for a variety of employee share scheme needs and structures.

Corporate retirement (superannuation) funds and investment products

Corporate retirement (superannuation) funds and investment products offer the opportunity for institutions and medium-to-large businesses to attract and engage top talent by providing a tailored and values-aligned financial product.

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