New and emerging funds and financial products

Sargon provides the trustee cloud infrastructure to power the world's next generation of funds and financial products. Our trustee cloud brings together a unique and powerful combination of modern technology, financial licences and industry experts so our clients can focus on what matters most — their investors and growth.

Working with entrepreneurs, venture-backed startups and fintech companies, Sargon is one of the few trustees that has issued new retirement (superannuation) funds in the last six years. By reducing complexity and creating modern technology, Sargon can empower the smallest teams to have a big impact.

Let's build better funds and financial products together

Sargon has assembled a team with deep industry and technology expertise. And we’re on a mission to help our clients build better funds. Through our trustee cloud infrastructure, we’ve reimagined how funds can be operated in a dynamic, highly regulated environment. We’re not burdened by old systems, or a culture that has failed customers. We’re purpose-built to serve members’ best interests, so funds can focus on growth, engagement and better outcomes.

  • APIs, tools and cloud-based software, to rapidly launch, operate and grow funds.
  • A collaborative workspace providing a single, seamless interface.
  • Automation of manual and repetitive tasks.
  • Streamlining workflows and proactive notifications when action is required.
  • Machine learning to monitor regulated fund information, in real time, 24/7.
  • Digital advice to improve financial literacy, engagement and outcomes.
  • Developer platform to help build a seamless customer experience.

Build better. On Sargon.

Sargon is committed to creating infrastructure that provides financial and software builders with an open platform to deliver modern customer experiences and enhanced workflows.

Sargon combines the power of extensible technology infrastructure, tools and APIs with industry experts to provide you with the data and tools to manage growth, day-to-day operations and compliance, in one place. With Sargon, you can prototype your fund experience in minutes. By reducing complexity, Sargon empowers even the smallest teams to have a big impact.

Powering institutions and entrepreneurs to build better.
// Get started with Node.js API client
// To securely integrate, you will need to register and get API keys.
const { SargonApiClient } = require("@sargon/api-client");
const client = new SargonApiClient({
clientId: process.env.CLIENT_ID,
clientSecret: process.env.CLIENT_SECRET
// Create a member
return await client.members().createMember({
givenName : "Alberto",
familyName : "Lebsak",
taxId : "123412345",

Committed to creating a global infrastructure through software

With over $2.6 trillion of retirement savings in Australia alone, Sargon is committed to building the world's retirement savings infrastructure. We build APIs, tools and software so that you can rapidly build your fund or financial product on Sargon, with only one integration. Building on Sargon means less time maintaining legacy systems and keeping up to date with new regulation, and more time focused on core customer and product experiences.

Expert services enhanced by modern software and robust service level monitoring

Sargon provides our customers with unparalleled industry expertise, tools and data they require to run their financial product, including key operational and compliance tasks and metrics, providing proactive alerts when things change or require attention. Our automated processes ensure our clients are always one step ahead.